Sound examples
kitchen studies
Installation and downloads
Program library for SuperCollider, at present (version 0.21, 2018-07-25) contains

1.) Introduction to miSCellaneous: recommended starting point
2.) VarGui, a slider and player gui to set environmental variables and synth controllers and to play synths, event patterns and tasks. Includes a player console, main features:

.)    Different player modes
.)    Button colors and background colors reflecting playing states
.)    Handling groups of players and sliders with modifier keys
.)    Supports arrayed synth args and arrayed variables
.)    Variables can be set in different environments
.)    Latency setting, global and for synth player message bundling
.)    gui appearance customization in size, arrangement and color
.)    Allows definition of additional slider actions e.g. for plotting
.)    Works with Cocoa, SwingOSC and Qt
.)    Support of slider classes EZSmoothSlider and EZRoundSlider (wslib)
.)    Shortcut build methods with use of metadata
.)    Automatic Pbind generation for sequencing
.)    MIDI learn function for slider control from external devices
3.) General tutorial files:

.)    Event patterns and LFO-like control
.)    Event patterns with functional code
.)    Event patterns and array args
.)    General enumeration method enum, suited for listing subsets, partitions of integers, searching for paths within graphs etc.
4.) PLx suite, dynamic scope proxy variants of common Pattern classes; tutorial: live coding with Strings
5.) PSx, Pattern variants with state (similar to Streams) and value buffering
6.) Event pattern classes for use with effects: PbindFx can handle arbitrary effect graphs per event, PmonoPar and PpolyPar follow the Pmono paradigm. The kitchen studies tutorial contains the documented source code of a fixed media piece using PbindFx for granulation.
7.) Further Pattern classes (PlaceAll, Pshufn), PSPdiv, a dynamic, multi-layer pulse divider
8.) Buffer Granulation and Live Granulation, tutorials with gui examples of different implementations (UGens, Patterns, mixed)
9.) HS / PHS, a family of classes for the use of server generated values in pbind-like objects in the language
10.) EventShortcuts, a class for user-defined keywords for events and event patterns, further event and patterns shortcuts
11.) An implementation of sieves following Iannis Xenakis as class and pattern family
12.) FFT pseudo ugens for defining ranges by bin index: PV_BinRange and PV_BinGap
13.) Smooth Clipping and Folding, a suite of pseudo ugens
14.) DX, a suite of pseudo ugens for crossfaded mixing and fanning according to demand-rate control
15.) Idev suite, patterns and drate ugen searching for numbers with integer distance from a source, avoiding repetitions
16.) Nonlinear pseudo ugens: Fb1 (single sample feedback), GFIS (generalized functional iteration synthesis)
Sound examples
Granulations of a short sound file, recorded from Buffer Granulation tutorial gui examples.

Source: kitchen sounds, mono - duration: 5´´

mp3 download

Buffer Granulation tutorial, Ex. 2b - duration: 20´´

mp3 download

Buffer Granulation tutorial, Ex. 2c - duration: 14´´

mp3 download

Buffer Granulation tutorial, Ex. 3c - duration: 17´´

mp3 download

kitchen studies
A fixed media piece and ongoing artistic research project, based on the kitchen sound file from above (work description, sound examples and exposition in the Research Catalogue), the commented source code of the piece is contained in miSCellaneous from version 0.15 onwards.
Installation and downloads
The recent version of miSCellaneous is available from GitHub ( and can thus be installed via SC's Quarks system or by zip download. The zips of all versions can be downloaded from below:

miSCellaneous_v0.21 2018-07-25   SC 3.5 - SC 3.6.x  (only Qt with these) or 3.7, 3.8, 3.9 (latest version)
miSCellaneous_v0.20 2018-05-21   SC 3.5 - SC 3.6.x  (only Qt with these) or 3.7, 3.8, 3.9
miSCellaneous_v0.19 2017-11-22   SC 3.5 - SC 3.6.x  (only Qt with these) or 3.7, 3.8, 3.9
miSCellaneous_v0.18 2017-09-26   SC 3.5 - SC 3.6.x  (only Qt with these) or 3.7, 3.8, 3.9
miSCellaneous_v0.17 2017-08-21   SC 3.5 - SC 3.6.x  (only Qt with these) or 3.7, 3.8, 3.9
miSCellaneous_v0.16 2017-03-03   SC 3.5 - SC 3.6.x  (only Qt with these) or 3.7, 3.8, 3.9
GUI compatibility With SC 3.7 GUI redirect has been deprecated
which was reflected by the 'a'-branch from v0.10 - v0.15.
Versions 0.Xb existed for backwards compatibility with Swing and Cocoa,
this split has been dropped with v0.16.
miSCellaneous_v0.15a 2017-01-04   SC 3.5 - SC 3.6.x  (only Qt with these) or 3.7, 3.8, 3.9
miSCellaneous_v0.15b 2017-01-04   SC 3.5 - SC 3.5.7  or 3.6.x (last compatibility version with GUI choice)
miSCellaneous_v0.14a 2016-08-25   SC 3.5 - SC 3.6.x  (only Qt with these) or 3.7, 3.8
miSCellaneous_v0.14b 2016-08-25   SC 3.5 - SC 3.5.7  or 3.6.x
miSCellaneous_v0.13a 2015-10-28   SC 3.5 - SC 3.6.x  (only Qt with these) or 3.7
miSCellaneous_v0.13b 2015-10-28   SC 3.5 - SC 3.5.7  or 3.6.x
miSCellaneous_v0.12a 2015-05-03   SC 3.5 - SC 3.6.x  (only Qt with these) or 3.7
miSCellaneous_v0.12b 2015-05-03   SC 3.4 - SC 3.5.7  or 3.6.x
miSCellaneous_v0.11a 2015-02-02   SC 3.5 - SC 3.6.x  (only Qt with these) or 3.7
miSCellaneous_v0.11b 2015-02-02   SC 3.4 - SC 3.5.7  or 3.6.x
miSCellaneous_v0.10a 2014-10-06   SC 3.5 - SC 3.6.x  (only Qt with these) or 3.7
miSCellaneous_v0.10b 2014-10-06   SC 3.4 - SC 3.5.7  or 3.6.x
miSCellaneous_v0.9 2014-02-18   SC 3.4 - SC 3.5.7  or 3.6.x
miSCellaneous_v0.8 2013-05-05   SC 3.4 - SC 3.5.7  or 3.6.x
miSCellaneous_v0.7.1 2013-04-28   SC 3.4 - SC 3.5.7  or 3.6.x
miSCellaneous_v0.7 2012-08-31   SC 3.4 - SC 3.5.7  or new 3.6 builds
miSCellaneous_v0.6 2012-05-19   SC 3.4 - SC 3.5
miSCellaneous_v0.5 2012-03-18   SC 3.4 - SC 3.5
miSCellaneous_v0.4 2011-12-27   SC 3.4 - SC 3.4.4  or new builds with Qt
miSCellaneous_v0.4_beta 2011-08-18   SC 3.4 - SC 3.4.4  or new builds with Qt
miSCellaneous_v0.3 2010-10-21   SC 3.3 - SC 3.4
miSCellaneous_v0.2 2010-09-18   SC 3.4
miSCellaneous_v0.1 2009-11-24   SC 3.3 - SC 3.3.1