kitchen studies
fixed media, stereo (2016, 10´35´´)
sound examples

The piece reflects my recent attempt to investigate the fascinating and vastly still undiscovered areas of granular synthesis. It succeeded a number of mixed pieces (Lokale Orbits), where instrumental sounds and playing techniques provided a starting point for granular textures and in which the variety of resulting sounds, at least to a large extent, was rooted in the variety of source sounds, which I had recorded with collaborating musicians.
Subsequently I decided to explore more refined technical possibilities of granular synthesis itself: within the SuperCollider language I developed the class PbindFx, which allows to define a sequencing of arbitrary effects and effect graphs on per-grain base. All parameters can be sequenced with a very condensed syntax emerging from SuperCollider's powerful pattern framework. In this context kitchen studies is also an artistic research project and a didactical effort, that I'm going to extend in several steps: PbindFx and the single kitchen sound of five seconds, from which the whole piece is derived, are already part of the SC extension library miSCellaneous. For version 0.15 I've added the commented source code, which produced the six parts of kitchen studies. In these I restricted myself to the combination respectively sequencing of one or two effects at maximum within one code example: comb delay and delay modulation (1), rectangular comb by FFT (2), resampling (3), spectral complements by FFT (4), frequency shift with feedback (5) and band pass filtering (6). The resulting audio has only been cut and slightly mastered with a bit of equalization. A further documentation of the compositional process is going to be developed as exposition in the artistic research database Research Catalogue (see here).