Favorite Books

Reading can be a time wonderfully spent. While I read a lot at random, the focused topics here relate to my profession, artistic life more generally, and sociological aspects of arts. As you've found the way to this site, I hope these books are fascinating for you as well.
I love to hear the life stories of artists – but also of people outside the artistic and academic bubbles: interviews with and biographies of individuals who performed in sports, business, and politics, views of people who are socially empathic and have found inner peace. I love to read the reflections of those who can think outside the box and beyond ideological barriers because I'm convinced this is the precondition for embracing the complexity of life. I also enjoy studying texts from opposite parties – sometimes simultaneously. I'm never tired of listening to those who convincingly think about the power of changing oneself and starting anew. I admire authors who value history and know that thinking about the future is a must – especially for artists.
I've chosen mainly one representative work per writer and omitted many favorite authors – namely in philosophy – if their topics are distant from the arts. Concerning music, I've focussed on the more contemporary and electronic creation.

Philosophy, Aesthetics
Electronic Music
Interviews, Biographical
Advice Literature