for large orchestra (16'30''-18')
PP: "International Week 2001"
University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Daniel Montane
Graz, Stefaniensaal, 2001-03-15

Work description

A piece that was composed without the computer but nevertheless algorithmically. Contrapunctic models were outlined on graph paper irrespective of pitch and then distributed among instrumental layers within an eight-tone mode. These layers correspond to rhythmical patterns in proportional tempo - they are tied up with canonical dynamics (parallel to the range of the contrapunctic models). The whole development follows the process of an orchestra crescendo.

Instrumentation:  3(2 picc)/2, ehr/2, Es/2, cbsn - 4/2, D/3/1 - timp, 2 pc - pno - 12/12/9/6/6 (divided)