for large orchestra (16'30''-18')
PP: "International Week 2001"
University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Daniel Montane
Graz, Stefaniensaal, 2001-03-15

Work description

Helix was composed without a computer, nevertheless algorithmically. Contrapuntal models, irrespective of the pitch, were planned on graph paper before the distribution among instrumental layers within an eight-tone mode. These layers correspond to rhythmical patterns in proportional tempo and canons of dynamics (in parallel to the range of the contrapuntal models). The whole development follows the process of an orchestra crescendo.

Instrumentation:  3(2 picc)/2, ehr/2, Es/2, cbsn - 4/2, D/3/1 - timp, 2 pc - pno - 12/12/9/6/6 (divided)