Matters 7

fixed media, 8 channel (2021, 8'40'')

Sound example

Work description

Materia (lat., substance, cause) – what else than sound could be the matter of music? Of course, much more: rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic structures, every kind of music, even rests. Possible, but I wouldn't like to premise that as given, whose new malleability, owed to the computer, opens so many spaces as hardly anything else in the history of music.

Moreover: no imaginations and ideas that detract from the essence. Gérard Grisey: " ... our model is sound not literature, sound not mathematics, sound not theatre, visual arts, quantum physics, geology, astrology, or acupuncture." Sound as a mutual matter – it shall determine everything else: constellation and process, they ought to emerge from it, equitable, because without unfolding in time, even the most sounding remains silent.

How do I find what I like?

Not at all, as I like what I find, and I'm searching without knowing for what. It appears and queries me wordlessly. The talk develops within the experiment, the algorithms of transformation and organization. Whatever in the end can pass – maybe, or only just – or, simpler then, can't pass in the face of that, what already exists and whereby the new scratches along trundling – that is determined by another matter – me – and in turn not: contingent and only seemingly private are memory and decision.


The work grew from experiments with non-autonomous differential equations. Concerning the development of Matters 6/7 and the used variants of pure synthesis (paragraph "Snapshot: Current Synthesis Experiments"; state: September 2020), see: Algorithms in Sound Synthesis, Processing, and Composition: a Dialectic Game