Lokale Orbits / Solo 7

for viola and 4 channel tape (2010, 11'30'')
PP: Dimitrios Polisoidis, viola,
Vienna, Alte Schmiede, 2011-01-28

Sound example

stereo mix; Dimitrios Polisoidis, viola

Work description

Lokale Orbits started as a sequence of pieces for solo instrument and tape, whereby sounds, played by the musicians concerned, were recorded for further processing.
After some Orbits with instrumental parts restricted to a few singular gestures, I wanted to include instrumental voices again in a more active role. In Solo 7, algorithmically generated phrases (in a rather traditional sense, being played ordinario as well as behind the bridge) and singular viola gestures, which also act as a base for buffer granulation, are confronted with electronics. Altogether the material is still reduced, essential aspects of perception – pulsation, fundamental pitch, the structure of rests – establish relations between the two layers.

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