Lokale Orbits / Solo 8
for voice and 4 channel tape (2011, 10´45´´)
sound examples

Lokale Orbits started as a sequence of pieces for solo instrument and tape, whereby sounds, played by the musicians concerned, were recorded for further processing.
In Solo 8 contrasting elements in the voice part as well as in the electronic layers are resulting from the opposition between vocals and consonants, more abstract: slow continuous changes in a small pitch region and fast noisy transitions. Thereby sibilants, real and derived, take a middle position. The difference in time scale of those changes is sharpened in the electronic layers: rapid consonantic impulses are repeated and overlapped, slow vocal formant variations are stretched.
In formal regard a few spoken syllables are matter of an electronic transformation process, whereby the voice part and the remaining electronic material are mostly variied by combinatorical reordering.

With support of IGNM* and BM:UKK

* Austrian section of ISCM - International Society of Contemporary Music