Lokale Orbits / Solo 8

for voice and 4 channel tape (2011, 10'45'')
PP: Claudia Cervenca, voice,
concert within the musicological symposium
"Authorship - Genius - Gender: Creative Processes in Music from Early Modern History to the Present"
University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, MUMUTH, 2011-04-09

Sound example

stereo mix; Claudia Cervenca, voice

Work description

Lokale Orbits started as a sequence of pieces for solo instrument and tape, whereby sounds, played by the musicians concerned, were recorded for further processing.
In Solo 8, contrasting elements in the voice part as well as in the electronic layers are resulting from the opposition between vocals and consonants, more abstract: slow continuous changes in a small pitch region and fast, noisy transitions. Thereby sibilants, real and derived, take a middle position. The electronic layers sharpen the difference in the time scale of those changes: rapid consonant impulses are repeated and overlapped, slow vocal formant variations are stretched.
In formal regard, a few spoken syllables are a matter of an electronic transformation process, whereby the voice part and the remaining electronic material are subject to combinatorial reordering.

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