Lokale Orbits / Solo 4

for (double) bassoon and 4 channel tape (2009, 17')
PP: Robert Gillinger-Buschek, Contraforte
Vienna, Alte Schmiede, 2009-05-20

Sound examples

stereo mix; Robert Gillinger-Buschek, contraforte

Work description

Lokale Orbits started as a sequence of pieces for solo instrument and tape, whereby sounds, played by the musicians concerned, were recorded for further processing.
Reduced material, the combinatorial reordering of a few instrumental gestures, and slow algorithmically controlled changes in the tape part – these characteristics of the hitherto existing pieces of the sequence are also appearing in Solo 4. Two layers of pulsation, rapid (percussive) and slow, both interspersed with rests, are the framework for the interplay of the instrument and singular electronic gestures which – except for some combinatorics – are composed rather freely. Thereby two at a glance secondary aspects – namely variations of envelope shapes of these gestures and their relation to the sequence of rests of the predefined rhythmical layers – are determined as substantial elements of the organization.

Supported by the Theodor-Körner Promotion Prize for Science and Art.